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Wave Springs

You are looking for an alternative to the classic round wire compression spring for a limited space? Then the use of wave springs offers. Especially when using flat materials, a significant reduction of the spring height can be achieved compared to a classic round wire compression spring. We also supply various types of wave springs according to your individual requirements.

Dimensions material thickness: 0.2 mm and more

Design available as single-item orders 
or high volume

Material 1.1231 / AISI 1090,
1.4568 / X7CrNiAl17-7

Surface surface refinement possible

Single-layered Wave Springs

From a material thickness of 0.1 mm we deliver wave springs, wave spring washers and domed spring washers. These are either punched as a closed ring or wound on request with a gap or overlap. Our wave springs made of flat material can be stacked in multiple layers to achieve greater spring forces with the same spring travel. The materials available are spring steel CK75 and stainless steel 1.4310. Depending on size and availability, the stainless steels 1.4568 and 1.4571 can also be offered.

Single-layered wave springs are also available from round wire. Here the same materials as for compression springs are available, including special materials.

Our wave springs are custom-made. Small quantities are feasible when appropriate tools already exist.

Multi-wave Wave Springs

With multi-wave wave springs made of flat materials, up to two thirds of the installation space height can be saved compared to a classic round wire compression spring. In addition, they offer the advantage of a larger spring travel compared to the single-layer wave springs.

Also here the spring steel CK75 and the stainless steel 1.4310 are used, on request, the stainless steels 1.4568 and 1.4571 depending on availability. Our multi-wave wave springs are basically custom-made. If tools exist, small quantities can be offered.

Competence, Experience and Quality

The quality of our wave springs and the satisfaction of our customers who use them have come always first. We therefore regularly have our quality management system certified and audited in accordance with DIN ISO 9001: 2015 in order to meet our and your requirements.