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Disc Springs

You want to realize large to very large spring forces in a limited space? Then our disc springs could be the solution for your application. We supply disc springs or clamping discs according to standard or according to your individual specifications and that in many different dimensions and material qualities.

Dimensions material thickness: 0.5 mm and more

Design available as single-item orders 
or high volume

Material 50CrV4, 51CrMoV4, CK67,
1.4401, 1.4568, 1.4310
and special materials on request

Surface surface refinement possible

Disc Springs DIN 2093 and Belleville

From a material thickness of 0.5 mm we can supply disc springs according to DIN 2093 (groups 1, 2 and 3) in many dimensions at short notice. In addition, numerous Belleville disc springs based on inch measures are available, which differ in their proportions from the DIN 2093 disc springs. Various ball bearing disc springs and clamping discs complete the product range. Standard dimensions are usually available in small quantities and as individual pieces.

The standard materials available are spring steels (for smaller sizes CK67 and CK75, for larger dimensions 51CrV4 and 51CrMoV4) as well as stainless steels 1.4310 and 1.4568.

As a rule, our disc springs are provided with a standard corrosion protection (phosphated and oiled surface). Further surface treatments are available on request. To improve the service life, if required, the shot peening of the parts is recommended.

Special Designs and Special Materials

If you have not found what you are looking for in the standard disc springs, or if you need disc springs for special purposes made of a special material, we can also supply you with tailor-made solutions according to your wishes.

On the available manufacturing facilities a variety of dimensions are conceivable, however, minimum orders may exist for special dimensions or separate tooling costs may incur. Single pieces are unfortunately not possible here.

For special applications we offer on request both standard dimensions and special sizes in special materials. The spectrum of possible materials ranges from 1.4923 (heat resistant) and Inconel grades (high temperature resistant) to Nimonic 90 (for highly corrosive surrounding media) to 1.4401 and copper alloys (weak or non-magnetic). Due to the procurement of special materials, minimum purchase quantities may sometimes exist.

Competence, Experience and Quality

The relatively small possible spring travel of a disc spring can be increased by means of contrasting stacking in a disc spring column. Likewise, by parallel stacking the possibility to further increase the spring forces exists. We are happy to help you with calculation and design of your springs. Use our years of experience.

The quality of our disc springs and the satisfaction of our customers who use them have always come first. We therefore regularly have our quality management system certified and audited in accordance with DIN ISO 9001: 2015 in order to meet our and your requirements.