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Flat Springs and Leaf Springs

Individual Leaf Springs and Flat Springs according to your Specifications

Whether filigree spring plate, spring clip, gripper or solid leaf spring package, we supply leaf springs and flat shape springs to your individual specifications. In addition to large and small series, you will of course also receive prototypes and individual pieces.

Dimensions material thickness: 0.1 mm and more

Design available as single-item orders
or high volume

Material C 60, CK 60, C 75, CK 75,
CK 101, 55 Si 7, 50CrV4, 1.4310
and special materials

Surface surface refinement possible

Leaf Springs made of different Materials

Supported by a modern machinery and based on our many years of experience, our leaf springs and flat springs from 0.10 mm material thickness are made of spring steels according to DIN EN 10132-4 (C67S, C75S, C85S, C100S), the stainless steel DIN EN 10151 (1.4301 and 1.4310 ), as well as different special materials. For the heavy leaf springs the hardenable materials 51CrV4, 55Si7 and 65Si7 up to 25.0 mm material thickness are available.

Various Possibilities of Surface Treatment

As a possible surface treatment, we offer, among other things, antialiasing by means of trowalizing. In addition, it is possible to apply corrosion protection procedures such as e.g. Zinc phosphating or galvanizing.


As always, we attach great importance to the best possible realization of your ideas and wishes with our leaf springs and flat form springs. The pursuit of the highest product quality and the satisfaction of our customers determine our daily activities, our quality management system is of course certified according to DIN ISO 9001: 2015.